Best Clubs in Sydney Australia

Sydney loves party and there are lots of best clubs in Sydney, and famous for its best nightlife, and different types of clubs in Sydney which provides various facilities like rooftop party for birthdays.

Best Clubs in Sydney City

It’s interesting here to collecting nightlife spots in Sydney and that’s give a powerful energy to enjoy more everyone, well there is a great nightlife in Sydney and including clubs you can say the amazing.

And here are some of the best clubs in Sydney which in everyone’s must visit at least once:


One of the best clubs in Sydney, for enjoying the all day long around there and enjoy the pool parties and the late-night disco both here.

Who won’t like the pools probably the one who doesn’t know how to swim, would envy you, beginning with daylight pool party turns into a late-night disco party that’s what everyone’s love.

And everyone must visit open-air Marco Polo Pool Club to experience a new lifestyle with strangers.

Situated in the famed inner-city Ivy complex, late-night, the party carries on in the Change room – yeah, you be able to shimmy outta your wet togs and right onto the Dance floor.

YOU CAN FIND THIS IVY POOL CLUB AT: 320/330 George Street, Sydney, 2000.

TIMING OF THE IVY POOL CLUB IS: Monday-Friday 12:00 PM onwards, Saturday 6:00 PM onwards and on Sunday 1:00 PM onwards.


Also considered the best clubs in Sydney, it’s also a bit different from nightclubs because Sydney’s casinos are exempted from the government’s lockout rules.

Marquee nightclub prides itself on its awesome sound system, flashy LED screens, and lively dancers.

Marquee nightclub became famous from over the years when the world’s well-known DJs played here like Hardwell, Avicii, Calvin Harris, Drake, Tiesto, and many more.

Well, you can have the experience the same as a celebrity lifestyle, just you have to put your party pants and get prepare to splurge the night with your arm in the air and feet tapping to the tunes of Marquee.

YOU CAN FIND THIS MARQUEE NIGHTCLUB AT: 80 Pyrmont Street, Pirrama Road, Sydney, 2009

TIMING OF THE MARQUEE NIGHTCLUB IS: Friday & Saturday 10:30 pm to 4:30 am and on Sunday 7:00 pm to 1:00 am


You can be considered personally the Junction is one of the best clubs in Sydney, which has lots of things to enjoy including disco.

The Junction is a general-purpose music venue, gallery space, eatery, and bar that be able to fit around 400 people.

It’s an underground nightclub at Bondi Junction that contemporary designed, situated in the shopping hub of Sydney.

This piquant nightclub is household to three separate bar counters and performs some amazing peppy numbers by local and international music genres.

The Junction is one of the greatest nightclubs in Sydney hosting live concerts and art exhibitions.

YOU CAN FIND THE JUNCTION NIGHTCLUB AT: 195 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction, Sydney, 2022

TIMING OF THE JUNCTION NIGHTCLUB IS: Wednesday to Saturday 5:00 pm to 2:00 am


I personally found this Club the one of the best clubs in Sydney because of its ambiance which does outstanding and really enjoying.

The club is well-known for its kitschy atmosphere, big ass booths, late-night food, and thrilling DJs.

It’s also an underground bar of 21-year old with amazing techno music, brilliant red neon light, and cool clients create the mood for an event and fun-filled night.

This energetic bar is renowned for its local bands and DJs playing bangers and creation the evening for dance-offs and party hunters.

YOU CAN FIND THE JUNCTION NIGHTCLUB AT: 77 William Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney 2010

TIMING OF THE JUNCTION NIGHTCLUB IS: Friday and Saturday 9:00 pm to 3:00 am


Frankie’s Pizza one of the best clubs in Sydney including an amazing mixture of bars, pizza cafe, pinball museum, live music, and nightclub also.

One of the finest Sydney nightlife begins here mostly people prefer all things at the same place that Frankie’s Pizza provides.

It’s also an underground bar that organizes live music for all 7 days of the week and while the weekends, the bar happens to live with ear-splitting rock and roll music.

Frankie’s Pizza serves some of the lovely mixtures of drinks that will make you dance on the musical beats.

Well, there is a lovely Sydney nightlife including the best clubs in Sydney CBD, and if you decide to visit Sydney for holidays than I humble recommend you to visit these nightclubs for the wonderful experience of nightlife. 

YOU CAN FIND THE FRANKIE’S PIZZA AT: 50 Hunter Street, Sydney 2000

TIMING OF THE FRANKIS’S PIZZA IS: All the days of the week 4:00 pm to 3:00 am


Oxford Art Factory one of the best clubs in Sydney this fashion houses live music and gig venues in Sydney.

This huge 500-people area has been glowing for about ten years and acquires a number of high profile local and international shows on the stage.

If you are going to the Oxford Art Factory then you must be going to have lots of fun I sure.

YOU CAN FIND OXFORD ART FACTORY AT: 38-46 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney 2010

TIMING OF THE OXFORD ART FACTORY IS: All the days of the week 8:00 pm onwards


Home The Venue is one of the best clubs in Sydney that possess nine bars over three levels and a superb sound system and its situated in Cockle Bay.

This is one of the greatest happening and rowdiest clubs in Sydney. With the gorgeous view of Darling Harbour, Home the Venue is open within weekends.

People considered Home one of the best nightclubs in Sydney for enjoying with an amazing view of Darling Harbour.  

YOU CAN FIND HOME THE VENUE AT: 101/1-5 Wheat Road, Darling Harbour, Sydney 2000

TIMING OF THE HOME THE VENUE IS: All the days of the week 9:00 pm to 6:00 am


Stonewall Club is one of the renowned Gay Bar in Harbour City, Sydney. And it’s considered one of the best clubs in Sydney for all but especially for LGBTQ people.

All days of the week Stonewall hosts live entertainments with the venue of the rainbow heart of Oxford Street with bars.

If you are Karaoke lover then you must find it enjoyable on Tuesdays, and mailbox nights on Wednesday and the majority renowned drag performances on Friday and Saturday nights.

YOU CAN FIND STONEWALL AT: 175, Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney 2010

TIMING OF THE STONEWALL IS: All the days of the week 12:00 pm to 3:00 am


What? You are looking for a cheap nightclub then, Soda Factory surely fixes in your budget, and the best clubs in Sydney.

Soda Factory is thrilling for all days of the week like on Mondays you can watch movies, on Tuesday you be able to have $1 hotdogs, and on Wednesday you can taste some cheap drinks, and so on.

During weekends, Soda Factory displays a retro playground for the ones who want to boogie to the tunes of the ’80s and ’90s.

YOU CAN FIND SODA FACTORY AT: 6 Wentworth Ave, Surry Hills, Sydney 2010

TIMING OF THE SODA FACTORY IS: Monday to Thursday 5:00 pm onwards, Friday 5:00 pm to 3:00 am, and Saturday-Sunday 6:00 pm to 3:00 am


Ending with last one of the best clubs in Sydney Australia, Chinese Laundry.

The high-quality enclose sound system has attracted many heavyweights and heavy metal international DJs like Sasha, DJ Slink, Hudson Mohawke, Gui Boratto, and James Holden.

The splendid outside dancing spot is a favorite summer clubbing joint for both locals and travelers.

YOU CAN FIND CHINESE LAUNDRY AT: 11 Sussex Street, Sydney 2000

TIMING OF THE CHINESE LAUNDRY IS: Friday-Saturday 9:00 PM to 3:30 AM

I hope you enjoy the article of Best Clubs in Sydney, I hope I have convinced you and if you are nightclubs lover then you must try all of them at least once to experience of Sydney nightlife.

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