Best City in New Zealand

The best city in New Zealand, of course, all the cities of New Zealand are best but New Zealand is well-known for its nature than its cities.

But still, some cities of New Zealand are valuable for traveling and have lots of things to explore.

Best City in New Zealand to Visit

Best city in New Zealand, lots of best cities with gorgeous landscape welcome you almost everywhere you look, New Zealand’s coastline cities and towns are settled amongst some astonishing supernatural sights and really are incredible to see.

Here are the some of the best cities in New Zealand:


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Beginning with one of the best cities in New Zealand, Auckland is the best city in New Zealand and the biggest city also.

It is considered the first stop for visitors, and also its two pretty ports glitter in the sun and countless volcanic cones arrive towards the heavens.

In the suburbs of the city, lush farmlands extend towards the horizon. Well-known as the ‘City of Sails’ its encircling by waters are full of yachts and sailboats, while skyscrapers magnificently arise just above the seaside and tons of tiny islands lie not far from the city.

The best city in New Zealand and a provincial feel to it, Auckland is really the largest Polynesian city in the world. Along with trendy stores, wonderful beaches, and great restaurants and bars, the city has lots of things for you to do.


One of the best city in New Zealand, Nelson’s breathtaking surroundings on the shore, snuggled between two mountain ranges, also makes it a fabulous city to travel.

Along with a hip art view, splendid craft breweries, and a range of lovely restaurants, it is a gorgeous spot to expend some time – Nelson’s charming setting are interestingly nearby.

Discover the crowd of wineries on provides and the amazing supernatural wonders of Abel Tasman National Park. Along with splendid beaches, bright lakes and mountains lie tantalizingly within reach.


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Another best city in New Zealand and a delightful place, this is the biggest in the South Island, Christchurch is at present even reconstructed following the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes that devastatingly struck, destroying so many of its buildings.

Modern buildings and businesses are open up for all the time here, and the buzz about the place makes it a lively city on the move. Well-known as the ‘Garden City’, it is a delightful, leafy spot – there are tons of parks, museums, and galleries for you to visit.

Well, Christchurch’s beaches on the Pacific Ocean and the considerable Pacific Islander population provide a diverse flavor to it. You be able to go ballooning, river-rafting, or hiking in the vicinity countryside from here.


Another one of the best city in New Zealand for couples and having a romantic time here in Napier, it’s feeling slightly like a wealthy seaside city in England, Napier is an attractive place to kick back and relax.

It’s gorgeous 1930’s facades and a number of charming streets to explore, along with its wonderful collection of art-deco buildings that are penetrated with a number of splendid restaurants and atmospherically cafes.

Also, Napier has a few magnificent beaches close by, along with a fabulous aquarium to check out. The excellent wineries just exterior of the city is also well valuable for exploring.


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You can be considered Queenstown best city in New Zealand because it’s a gorgeous spot on the coast of Lake Wakatipu, along with the splendid mountains encircling Queenstown make for one of the greatest views in the entire country.

Queenstown is surely fortunate in terms of picturesque environments, this city additionally has a fabulous arts view for guests to appreciate, along with some tasty meal, charming bars, and superb vineyards.

Comparing to Queensland where most visitors prefer to visit because it’s known as the “adventure capital of the world” yet there are more than 220 terrifying activities for everyone to try.

Along with you be able to try activities such as skiing, bungee jumping or zip-lining, paragliding, or mountaineering, Queenstown has it all to provide.

Its magnificent organic wonders are an excellent place to experience that rush of adrenaline and have a different experience of Queenstown by done these activities as a challenge.


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The best city in New Zealand and also the capital of New Zealand amazingly situated on a port with mountains encircling it, beautiful city and surely lives up to its nickname as the ‘Windy City’.

Gorgeous wooden buildings down the mountainsides to the waterfront along with here are wonderful arts and cultural views for visitors to appreciate, with great museums, galleries, and movie theater on provide.

Settled at the base of the North Island, there is a prosperous café and craft brewery scene. The superb restaurants and pumping nightlife make Wellington a wonderful place to visit or live.


Another one the best city in New Zealand for lying on the coasts of the lake after which it is named, Rotorua is famous for its fantastic hot springs and geysers that are totally anywhere.

Located at the heart of the Taupo Volcanic Zone, this city is the North Island’s majority famous traveler destination – steam and spray continuously cloud its streets and the scent of sulfur hangs heavy in the air.

The parks and nature of Rotorua are home to vents, fissures, and lakes; a sizeable Maori population invigorates the city with their art, culture, and history.

Along with the restaurants and bars is nothing to write home about, this volcanic countryside, with its terrific supernatural wonders and plethora of outdoor activities, makes Rotorua an enchanting city to visit.


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This best city in New Zealand Dunedin is well-known as the ‘Edinburgh of the South’, Dunedin’s Scottish legacy is immediately apparent; a Victorian railway greets you, along with a lot of statues and monuments to renowned Scots.

There is a great nightlife in Dunedin and provide lots of wonderful bars and a pumping nightlife scene.

Gorgeous Victorian buildings spot the city, which is pretty charming provided its main site around the harbor. You be able to easily explore the wilds of the nearby Otago Peninsula by here.


Located in a splendid spot, Whangarei is one of the best city in New Zealand, in the northernmost reaches; it is a doorway to the incredible natural wonders all around it.

Along with a relaxing atmosphere in the city, things are sluggishly changing; a new art museum, purchase center, and restaurant complex have opened up and there is a number of wonderful bars and cafes around the city.

There are tons of splendid beaches around Whangarei to take it easy on, many people head to the Poor Knights Islands for their terrific scuba diving, or to the charmingly beautiful Bay of Islands.


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Ending with the last best city in New Zealand with breathtaking Mount Taranaki overlooking the skyline, New Plymouth is a scenic port city that is encircled by sprawling farmland.

New Plymouth has an energetic, universal feel to it, along with there are successful art and cultural views – you be able to visit a number of dazzling concerts and festivals here throughout the year.

Along with there are a number of wonderful cafes and restaurants that provide the best services of their, and several charming surf spots and beaches close by. And there is not-to-be-missed on the in the vicinity impressive Mt Egmont National Park.

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