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There are lots of best beaches in Malaysia, and the beauty of Malaysia’s beaches attracts people all around the world. Along with Malaysia surely have many beautiful coastlines that are simply on-par with neighboring nations.

Best Beaches in Malaysia

These gorgeous tropical islands beaches of Malaysia complete with coral and white sands to the long, sluggish beaches of the mainland, along with wonderful sites in far-flung Malaysian Borneo.

This Southeast Asian nation definitely packs a punch while it comes to the convergence of sand and sea. Let’s take a view at a number of the best beaches in Malaysia:


One of the best beaches in Malaysia, along with one of the greatest islands also, which far away from mainland Malaysia.

Redang Island is situated in the seas afar the northeastern state of Terengganu and is renowned for its fabulously white sand and sparkling, crystal-clear water.

It’s famous as a sweltering island getaway thanks to this fame for shore beauty, which by all means involves fair several beaches, but no one of those is pretty as beautiful as Pasir Panjang.

This sloped extend of soft sand that sweeps around a round bay in a sharp curve is a well-known spot that views many native and international visitors, on day trips, or staying at one of them at the moment countless beachside hotels.

Along with there is a great part here; the part of the sand spills through a spit to form a lower portion of the beach away from the main bay area.


One of the best beaches in Malaysia Langkawi, it’s the main island destinations of visitors; it has the best beaches in Malaysia – conveniences, in the vicinity housing, restaurants. So there’s no doubt that its best beach is a combination of all these things.

Pantai Cenang, although well-known with domestic and international visitors, will virtually be yours as a confidential beach ‘out of season’ since, if you’re backpacking, there is no ‘out of season’.

Tiny islands just out of the turquoise sea those rounds off the immense white-sand beach at Pantai Cenang, whereas there are a great deal of opportunities for food and drink precisely steps away from the beach.

Close by comforts plus the pretty calm waters make it an extremely family-friendly beach, too.


One of the best beaches in Malaysia, situated away from the northeast seashore of mainland Malaysia’s majority southerly state of Johor, and simply arrived from the coastline town of Mersing, the island of Rawa is genuinely a gem of a beach destination.

Called for the white doves (familiar on-site as Rawa) that populate the island in huge numbers, this small little island is a haven for wildlife: both marine and land-dwelling.

As per true, there are no proper roads on the island, merely footpaths be able to take you from one destination to the other.

Along with towering, rugged cliffs on one edge of the island, the other face is around totally comprised of white-sand beaches that fulfill the splendid blue sea in a flawless harmony of what paradise ought to look like.


Another one of the best beaches in Malaysia Kapas Island well-known for clicking pictures and also consider as picture-perfect paradise islands, with beaches here that look actually like the ones you would see on a postcard of yesteryear.

You would surely have a great time and fun here, with an incredible environment of Kapas Island; I must suggest that if you never have been there, then you must visit here once.

At present, it moreover resembling the beaches on everyone’s Instagram feed that visited; palms nod over fine, white sand, lapped by clear seas which buckshot into a splendid turquoise-blue panorama.

You can consider one of the best beaches in Malaysia; along a bit far the shore from the town of Marang in Terengganu, Kapas actually is one of Malaysia’s most attractive islands.

It considered a paradise for snorkeling and diving, along with a broad array of marine life, the coral here is brilliant and vivid and constantly a wonderful sight.

Along with the wonderful beaches, this sweltering island in the South China Sea is also well-known as the prime spot for researching Amphidromus, an enigmatic species of a snail with colorful shells.


Here’s another one of the best beaches in Malaysia, this island situated in Sabah: this period of time away from the state’s west shore, Manukan Island is extremely well-known with citizens from in the vicinity state capital of Kota Kinabalu.

This smaller island is renowned for the awesome scuba diving and snorkeling possibility its coastline, so you be able to have fun there including all these activities, or you can prefer to walk in the vicinity, it would be great if you have a walk at night.

By all means, it’s fair as popular for gorgeous beaches; the flawless meeting-point between the sky-blue sea and clean white sand in a slice of coral paradise.

Distant from the shoreline, despite that, there are plentiful possibilities to explore the island’s dense vegetation, thanks to a number of trekking tracks that intersect through it.

I reckon this also one of the best beaches in Malaysia, and I also suggest you if you visit Malaysia must visit here and have an incredible experience at this island with doing plentiful activities.


One of the best beaches in Malaysia, the Perhentian Islands afar the northeastern shore of mainland Malaysia are already well-known for their charm and are possibly in the country’s majority renowned destination for a sweltering island getaway.

The tiny of the two prime islands, Perhentian Kecil caters further towards backpackers, whereas neighboring Perhentian Besar is full of high-priced hotels and restaurants.

Perhentian Kecil hallmarks many attractive beaches, but one of them quite as beautiful as the immense and aptly named Long Beach.

You will find the sand at Long Beach is nice, white sand, and, given that the tide stays out here for pretty a while, the water stays exceptionally frivolous for a period, making for perfect swimming environment in the warm waters.


Ending with another one of the best beaches in Malaysia, a gorgeous, azure jewel in the deep Celebes Sea afar eastern Sabah on Malaysian Borneo, Sipadan Island is a splendid destination, both above sea level and underwater.

Boasting an unbelievably scenic sweltering reef lagoon, the island is a renowned dive site that notices guests gathers to it for its thriving marine life.

As a matter of fact, it has been voted ‘Top Dive Destination around the World’ on Scuba Diving Magazine’s Gold List, and for the right reason: loggerhead turtles, manta rays, hammerhead, and whale sharks are often travelers of this about the fabulous spot.

Though well-known underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau named it ‘an untouched piece of art’ back in 1989, and thank goodness: for one as well as the other marine environmentalist and amateur divers not many have modified since then.

All these best beaches in Malaysia provide an incredible experience for everyone by visiting Malaysia; I reckon you must visit all these beaches in Malaysia.

I hope you find this article useful about “Best Beaches in Malaysia” and for more updates like this and travel guides all around the world stay connected with this blog.

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